Of course, you can't make the world's best margaritas without making headlines.
Here's what people have been saying about the infamous Tommy's Mexican Restaurant.

New in the SF Examiner
Tommy's Mexican Restaurtant: A Place of Friendship


Thanks to Mixology Magazine of Germany for putting a picture of Julio and John Gukuru , Global Ambassador for Sagatiba cachaca, in the magazine.  Helmut Adam of Mixology is a superstar and I had the pleasure of being in Berlin for the World Cup Soccer Final.

Bar Notes April 21, 2014
An "Honest Spirit": Thirty Minutes of Mescal with Mayaheul's Philip Ward

The Guardian June 5, 2013
Top Ten Bars in San Francisco

SF Weekly January 20, 2010
Authentic amigos at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

The San Francisco Chronicle February 23, 2007
Mastering Tequila, one glass at a time

Fine Living on TV September 2006
Raising the Bar: America’s Best Bar Chefs

Food & Wine Magazine, June 2003
Spirits: Tequila's Shot

The San Francisco Examiner, November 21, 2002
S.F.'s Tequila Ambassador

The Washington Post, August 14, 2002
The Secret to the perfect margarita

Latin Eyes KRON 4 News, September 2002
Tommy’s Heavenly Margarita Mix

SF Muni Bus Parks Up Front at Tommy's, June 5, 1998
See the scene photos!