Choosing a fine 100% agave tequila doesn’t need to be daunting. There’s a delicious 100% agave tequila for everyone and for every occasion. We recommend  tasting as many products as you can!. Taste over and over and over and preferably with good friends and great food!

Here are a few basics to get started:


Remember the percentages! Mexican law requires that all tequilas contain at least 51% fermented sugars from the blue agave plant. Tequilas of lesser quality rarely contain more than the minimum. The remaining 49% can come from any other sugar source except another agave sugar source.  However,  Tommy's only offers   tequilas made from 100% fermented blue agave sugars; these are the stuff of the Gods; smooth, pure, and a pleasure to drink. Especially when combined with Tommy’s Ultimate Margarita Mix .


The distillery process for tequila is as varied and complex as wine-making (which is why we recommend lots of taste testing). Overall, however, premium 100% agave tequilas fall into four basic varieties:

Blanco (Silver or Plata) - This is the product obtained from the second distillation of the fermented musts of the agave plant. It is clear generally un-aged, and can  travel straight from distillation to bottle. It retains the most characteristics of the agave plant and can serve as a very nice introduction to the subtle tastes of premium 100% agave tequila. One can legally age them up to 59 days.  Once it is brought down to bottle proof, it becomes ready for sale.


Reposado - These tequilas are aged or “rested” in any sixe oak container like  barrels or pipones (large oak tanks) for 2 months up to a year. In addition to the sweetness of the agave, the tequila takes on the more complex flavors of the oak, depending on the size and composition of the barrels. Some distlleries use used bourbon barrels, some new and many reuse their barrels.   All these factors contribute to a wonderful spectrum of flavors.  This is the most popular category of tequila in Mexico.

The house tequila at Tommy's is now Arette Reposado as of September 16 , 2008 !  Happy Mexican Independence Day!! Tommy's is the first major Tequila bar on Earth to put a 100% agave Reposado in the well.  Does your Tequila bar, "talk the talk and walk the walk?"


Añejo - Añejo's are aged in oak barrels, no larger than 600 liters each, from 1 to under 3 years, these golden tequilas present a variety of complex flavors and textures.


Extra Añejo - These are the rarest and most expensive tequilas. They are aged for a minimum of 3 years in barrels no larger than 600 liters in size.  Tommy's, at present, carries 28 Extra Añejo Tequilas.  No one else can say this.

This is why we’re so adamant about not “covering up” the true taste of pure 100% agave tequilas by using an inferior margarita “mix” with harsh sweeteners and mysterious “artificial flavors.” The almost endless subtleties of premium tequilas demand much more consideration. Our best advice? Try lots of different varieties and brands of premium tequilas to discover which tastes you prefer. And when you cannot come to Tommy's always make your margaritas using Tommy’s Nectar of the Gods so you don’t miss all the delicious flavors that 100% agave tequilas have to offer.